Welcome to the New Kolgrath.com!

Hello fellow gamers!

My name is Kolgrath and I am the owner of the Towncraft Family Friendly Minecraft Server. I started it in 2012 as a place to safely play Minecraft online with my son. What started as a humble server has now grown into a network that boasts nearly 22,000 unique player logins a month!

I’ve been a gamer all my life. From the Fairchild Channel F to the PlayStation 4 I’ve played on quite a few gaming systems through the years and loved the entire ride.

This blog is about my take on gaming. What games I’m enjoying playing, what games I’ve loved in the past, and which old games I still play today.

It’s also my voice in the gaming industry to help make it better. I’m passionate about games just like you. It’s a real let down to get excited about the hype about a game only to have it not deliver. Blogs like mine are a way to communicate with hard working game developers on what it is we really want from our games.

I’m so glad you’ve dropped by. We’re going to have a lot of fun.

Your friend,


  • Any Towncrafters in the house?

  • Amroth (a.k.a. Biblop)

    Indeed, Kolgrath.

  • Thanks for dropping by! So how did you come about the Minecraft name change?

  • ver660

    Yup, checking this out while camping! Looks great!

  • Awesome! How is the camping going?

  • ver660

    Very wet with big creepy cranes who won’t leave you alone, lol. A lot of fun though!

  • Look at the bright side, at least you don’t hear “SSSssssssss… BOOM!” in the middle of the night. lol

  • ver660

    Well, growling raccoons were bad enough then I had these guys following me around at all times within inches with their beady little eyes.

  • Oh man! Those are some fearless birds!

  • Amroth (a.k.a. Biblop)

    Well, I tried to change it to Biblop, but that was taken. So I changed it to something that I liked and was memorable.