#YouNow #Gaming Makes It Easier To Be Discovered

YouNow recently added the ability to stream using RTMP and software such as OBS on their platform. Many game streamers use OBS to create awesome looking visuals that combine their gameplay with their webcam as well as put important information up on the screen.

I have streamed on Twitch.TV and YouTube in the past. The viewers I got on those platforms were people who were already playing on my Minecraft server. Some people would discover me, but nothing like I experienced on YouNow.

On a typical broadcast on Twitch.TV I might have 6-10 people watch. On YouTube I expanded my audience to 15-20 viewers. On YouNow my last broadcast had 108 viewers! Not only that, but there were 243 comments exchanged during the broadcast!

With numbers like that, those new to game streaming should give YouNow a good look as the platform of choice.  You can sign up to beta test the game streaming service on YouNow by clicking here.

Once you receive your instructions, doing the streaming is extremely easy. Set up your broadcast on YouNow, receive your stream URL and token, input them into OBS and off you go!

I have had a blast streaming games on YouNow and I know you will to. Be sure to click on my YouNow profile and fan me, and I’ll fan you back so I can check out your broadcasts!