Naming New Staff Never Gets Old

Tonight on Towncraft I named a new player to staff. Endergirl909x has been on Towncraft for a while. Loved by the players, she is always helping anyone she can and loved the server. Naming her to staff seemed like a no-brainer. 

There is a certain satisfaction that comes with promoting a player to that coveted rank of staff. The feeling of giving someone a well deserved reward all the while knowing the server is going to be a better place for it. 

Getting named to staff is an honor, one I have been privledged to bestow on players for over three years. 

Towncraft is a community built on friendship and caring for your fellow players. The responses from the players online when one of their own gets elevated to that staff position is a wonderful thing to see. 

I wish Endergirl909x the best of luck in her new position as Vanguard. I am appreciate of her acceptance of the promotion and look forward to seeing the good work she does. 

  • Denene Miller

    aw ;-; thanks so much

  • Denene Miller

    btw thats not my account XD