Tap Tycoon – Mobile Game Strategy For Making The Most Money

Screenshot of Tap Tycoon for iPhone

Tap Tycoon is one of those “tap until you’re rich” games where you keep re-investing your currency to earn more currency even faster. Is there an end? Is there a way to totally “win”? No. But that’s part of the addicting fun. It’s available on the Apple App Store (Click here).

So here’s the strategy I’ve developed so far:


Upgrade your taps often. Especially as you prestige. You’ll find that the money you make from tapping is quickly outpaced by the money your businesses make if you don’t keep up with it. So as you’re tapping look at the upgrade button for your taps. If it lights up quickly after only a few taps, keep upgrading your taps. Once it feels like it takes a bit of effort and time to start earning more upgrades for your taps, it’s time to go back to upgrading businesses.

Buy all your unlockables as soon as you can. Unlockables are boosts to your tapping and businesses. For example you’ll get unlockables that multiply your profits for a specific business, or profits overall. I’ve tried out two methods here. One is to carefully and methodically buy unlockables. For example I’d upgrade my restaurant until the cost is pretty high and takes effort to earn enough for the next upgrade. At that point I would buy the x15 Restaurant Profit unlockable. My thinking was 1,000 x 15 is much higher than 10 x 15. But that was assuming that the multiplication of profit was based on your profit at that time. But when I prestiged (reset) I noticed that if I bought all the unlockables upfront it seemed to make no difference in how fast the profit was coming in. Unlockables appear to affect the business profit the same regardless of when you upgrade the business itself. So save yourself time and effort and keep smashing that “Buy All Unlockables” button!

Pay attention to the synergy bonus! As you upgrade your businesses you’ll notice they’ll level up. The synergy bonus gives you a special boost to all businesses when all of your businesses reach a threshold. This happens every 100 levels. The businesses don’t all have to be the same level to get this, they all just simply need to exceed that same number of levels. So for sample if your Restaurant is level 500 but all the rest of your businesses are level 100, you’ll still get the bonus for hitting level 100 on all your businesses. And at 200, 300, etc. as your catch your other businesses up to your Restaurant.

Keep your Double Profit bonus active! Every 4 hours a fat cat will appear on the right side of your businesses. Be sure to tap on him and watch the short video to keep that bonus active! Don’t miss out on double profit!

Grab all the bonuses from the Business Fairy! Every so often you’ll see a business man fly in on a rocket holding a box. Tap on the box to get it to drop! It will either have diamonds, money, double cash stack (bonus money for tapping) or a temporary boost to business output! Keep collecting those rewards! The best reward is when you’re offered a large sum of cash for watching a short video. The 20-30 seconds you spend watching the video far exceeds 20-30 seconds of tapping if you’ve been keeping up with upgrading your businesses. The only exception to this is if you just prestiged (reset) and haven’t had a chance to upgrade everything when you receive this offer. Then it would make more sense to decline the offer and tap your way to upgrades. 

Use your special abilities as soon as the cool down has ended. You’ll unlock abilities to get several minutes worth of cash handed to you, boost your business output, get cash stacks from tapping, increase the amount per tap, and even use auto-tap which will rake in the cash for you and give your fingers a rest! These are great bonuses and every second that they’re available and you’re not using them is wasted money!

Prestige as soon as soon as there are tech cards to receive. When you prestige you sell all of your businesses and start from scratch with a bonus. The bonus is based on your total prestige score. The more net worth you have when you prestige the more prestige score you’ll earn. When you touch on the prestige option, you’ll see the prestige score you’ll receive as well as how many tech cards you’ll earn.

Tech cards give you permanent bonuses that will help you forever. Each time you reset, or prestige, these bonuses will remain to give you a jump start on the next round.

The added bonus here is soldiers. Part of the story of Tap Tycoon is your nation is locked in a global war and needs soldiers of fortune. You want to make sure you’re sending soldiers each time you prestige as there are added bonuses when your nation wins. So far I’ve been through two weekly wars, and the United States has won both times.

Do you have a strategy of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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