What are you excited for in gaming for 2016?

I just got done writing a post for Towncraft.us about the coming year on our Family Friendly Minecraft Server and it got me thinking… what am I excited about for gaming in general in 2016?

I’m looking forward to Diablo III Patch 2.4 coming out anytime now. New areas, new gear, and more fun!

I’m looking forward to the new combat system coming in Minecraft 1.9. Shields? Yes please!

I’m excited to see what new entries come out for the dungeon crawler genre. I love random loot and building and growing with a single character!

I’m excited to see what advancements happen in the world of game streaming. I really enjoy streaming games but with audiences scattered across services sometimes it can be difficult to reach everyone. Would be great to see PS4 open the door to open Real Time Messaging Protocol streaming, which would let you basically send your stream to any service you like!

Here’s a wish that probably won’t come true, but I wish that Mojang bridges the gap between the console games and the PC game completely so we can use our Xboxes and Playstations to connect to PC servers. I would love, love, love to be able to connect to Towncraft with my PS4. Here’s to hoping!

What are you excited about for gaming in 2016?