Just one more achievement…

Fake Achievement Warcraft Achieved All The Things

What is it about achievements in games that keep you going that extra mile? In the World of Warcraft the game is geared towards reaching maximum level and experiencing the end-game content. But there are achievements all over the place that just beg to be completed.

The achievement gnawing at me lately is the Loremaster achievement. This is the achievement you earn for completing all of the storylines in all of the zones in the entire game. I’m currently 6 zones away from completing this achievement.

Of course I can’t make it easy on myself and just slam-bam my way through with my level 110 Paladin. Nope. I need to roll new characters to make sure not a drop of experience goes to waste. I finished several zones using a brand new druid which is now level 58. Now I’m knocking out the last few with a new rogue which just reached level 40.

Am I going to play these characters anymore once I complete the loremaster achievement? Probably not. If that’s the case, would I really be wasting experience by using my max level character rather than a new one that I’m probably not going to continue playing anyways?

I don’t want to talk about that. I just want that spiffy loremaster title, ok?