World of Warcraft Crashed and Burned on the Mac

Warcraft Tauren throwing burning iMac computer

Blizzard rolled out pre-orders today for the next World of Warcraft expansion: Battle for Azeroth. Anyone who pre-orders gets access to a few of the Allied Races prior to the expansion’s official launch.

One of the side effects of preparing for this major change has knocked a portion of the World of Warcraft’s player base offline: Mac users. And why do I care? Because I’m one of them!

Okay all you PC elitists. I’ve heard it a million times: “Macs stink for gaming.” Okay that’s a pretty harsh assessment. While I don’t get all the high end graphics or the fastest frame rates, I get plenty of performance to enjoy the games I like to play on the machine I enjoy the most.

Blizzard doesn’t have an estimated time when the Mac client will be working again. That’s all right. Looks like I’ll be reading extra bedtime stories to the boys instead of raiding tonight. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome tradeoff.